YoBeat’s Coverage Of The 2014 Downtown Throwdown Including Video Clips Of Smokin’ Pro Rider Nial Romanek and GBP Pro Rider Tyler Lynch.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.19.27 PM

  Read the Full Article HERE or watch the video HERE.   Words: The Catfish Photos: Ashley Rosemeyer After my fourth Long Island Ice Tea during my flight to the Downtown Throwdown in Boston, I made a series of two realizations. My first was that drinking while some 40,000 feet in the air gets you […]

Snowboard Colorado Interviews Smokin’ Snowboards Team Rider Ryan Arrington For Their “Talking Points” Feature.

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  The homies over at SBC threw Smokin’ Snowboards team rider Ryan Walker Arrington some love in their “Talking Points” feature. Ryan has been a Smokin’ Family member for years and is without a doubt on of the most talented and nicest people in the Rockies.  Stoked for you holmes!  Keep up the good work. […]

Get Inside the Mind..Ryan Arrington’s Interview for Snowboard Colorado Magazine


  Ryan Arrington : Talking Points Snowboard Colorado Magazine Peep it here http://www.snowboard-colorado.com/snowboarding-news/talking-points-ryan-arrington

Smokin’ Snowboards Team Rider Jordan Wells Full Part Released.

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Our boy Jordan Wells is a true modern Boardsman. He rips on a snowboard, he rips on a skateboard, Jordan is one talented sideways slider. The dude has an incredible work ethic and drive that shows in his riding.  Peep his edit from the Famdamly crew and get stoke for winter! A recap of my […]

Smokin’ Snowboards Team Rider Ryan Arrington is his “Earthly Ventures” edit.

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Our super dude and family shred team rider Ryan Arrington put together a pimp little edit for the crew at Winter Park (his home) Resort.  Ryan has the most mellow riding style that includes a rad mix of back country and resort riding that translates really well in his edit.

New Use Identified For Spare Smokin’ Snowboards Catalog.

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  As shown in this seemingly promotional video for Salomon found HERE on the YoBeat website. The “girl” on the right spends the entire video clip fanning herself with a copy of our 2016 Catalog.. Weird, cool(?), whatever.. Either way it’s just another example of Smokin’ Snowboards dedication to eco friendly things and stuff.. Seriously, […]

Think Thank Almanac- Nial Romanek Full Part.

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We were beyond stoked to meet with Nial last year.  He is an extremely rad dude and a seriously creative rider.  Once we agreed with Nial that he belonged in the Smokin’ family the anticipation of his Think Thank part began to consume us.. So here we are.. The moment of fruition, a season of […]

LB4: Edit From TAK TAK Japan Featuring GBP’s TYLER LYNCH.

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It’s all in Japanese.. We have no idea what it means but this edit is BANANAS!  Peep GBP’s Tyler Lynch ripping with his signature chill style along side Lenny Mazzotti and Justin Mulford. カリフォルニアから来日したTyler(タイラー)、Lenny(レニー)、Justin(ジャスティン)の石打丸山でのセッションした日のパートです。こいつらは普段こんな感じで滑っていますよ!たのしそうでしょ!スタイルもゆるくてかっこいいし!そんあカリフォルニアバイブス全開のDVDがLB42014です。95%パークから最新のトリックから緩いトリックまで全て、今の滑りが見れます!! この動画は2週間後に見れなくなります。これを見て気になった方は是非スノーボードショップへ!! LB42014は全国のスノーボードショップ、VESPオンラインショップで購入可能です。3500円+税

Smokin’ Snowboards Team Rider Cody Potter Drops His 13/14 Season Edit.

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  Cody Potter is without a doubt one of the hardest working riders to ever grace the Smokin’ Team.  This kid goes waaaay beyond the general expectation of a rider as far as production of media content.  This video here is no exception.  Cody edited his 13/14 season video himself and did a great job. […]

2014 INI Summer Recap Edit Featuring Smokin’ Snowboards Team Riders Nial Romanek and Jake Rose Feeling The Summer Vibes.

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  We at Smokin’ are so supremely stoked to be sharing so many riders with iNi Clothing.  Jake Rose and Nial Romanek being just two of the many.  Jake and Nial both have such a fun and loose surfy style and it really shows in this Summer 2014 Recap.  

Peep the new 2015 Awesymmetrical in Wyld Instinct’s new edit // Summer at Mt Hood 2014

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  Ryan Finder over at Wyld Instinct has filmed more than a couple edits featuring and for Smokin Snowboards and our riders.   His filming and editing style is unique and is quickly becoming recognized for his talents.  Peep the new Summer At Mt. Hood edit for further proof.   Riders | Jack Reid | […]

KING COBRA-Trailer For The KBR Crew’s New (10th!) Film Featuring Smokin’ Snowboards Rider Sakari Lahdesmaki

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  The KBR Crew is dropping their tenth video to date this fall.  Here is the teaser.  Info below. This is the trailer of our 10th snowboarding movie KING COBRA. It will be a classic snowboarding movie with KBR’s own twist. The season 2013-2014 was a really hard one because of the worst snow conditions […]

Joakim Rasmussen’s Online Part From Daggers & Scandalnavians Re-Edit.

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  Our main man in Sweden, Joakim Rasmussen’s video parts from both Random Bastard’s film Daggers as well as his Scandalnavians video part have been re-edited, remixed, and re-uploded for you to watch for free.. Jocke is a boss and his street riding is bananas!   Random Bastards proudly present Joakim Rasmussen’s online part from […]

Unstrapped: GBP and the Search For Sababaland Feature By Frequency.


Read the full article HERE In Hebrew, the word “sababa” means “cool” or “fun.” To the Gremlinz, a Tahoe-based crew of snowboarders, Sababa is a way of life, and has taken on a meaning like “hakuna matata, no worries.” The Gremlinz have bought property in the Tahoe area, and are beginning to dig. Their plan: […]

The 2014 Windell’s Academy Diggers Edit Featuring Smokin’ Snowboards Rider Jake Rose.

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Checkout the feature on YoBeat HERE. Jake Rose is no stranger to summers up on Mt Hood. This year he returned to his post digging at the Windell’s Academy. Diggers are without a doubt the hardest working people on the glacier all summer. First people on the hill in the morning and almost always the […]

The 2014 Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational at High Cascade Feature On Transworld Snowboarding Featuring Riding From Colin Langlois and Matty Mo.

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Read the full article and peep the photos HERE.   Words by Mike Grasso July 21st 2014 was a beautiful day for boarding on Mt. Hood, the perfect rain date for the the third annual Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The event which was sponsored by Billabong, Skullcandy and Salomon was postponed from […]

Tanigawa-dake movie Trailer Featuring Some Of The Same Spots We Rode Last Year In Japan

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    Tanigawa-dake movie Trailer Japan is like a mini Alaska.  Steep lines, Heavy terrain, amazing Powder and literally almost none there to ride it.  Last Winter the Smokin’ crew linked up with our Japanese distributor and long time friend Taka and he showed us around some of the exact same terrain seen here.  Japan […]

Catch Smokin’ Snowboards Team Riders Cody Potter And Ryan Arrington In The Teaser For Aunti Films Forthcoming Video WTF!

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    2013/2014 aunti.films Trailer for WTF!! Good times had with wild Pals on SnowBoards, captured with cameras by other crazy pals. RIDERS: Cody Potter, Ben Lynch, Greyson Clifford, Tom Semotuk, Eric Goldmann, Ryan Arrington, Mikey Lucido, Mike Branson, Jackson Fowler, Ben Berberich, Tucker Andrews, Brandon Dipprey, Seth Hill, Paul Weston, Bobby Monday, Scott Askins, […]

Lungie Land The Mixtape Featuring Smokin’ Snowboards Team Riders, Kyle Clancy, Lane Knaack, and Will Bateman.

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  Our good homie DeadLung just dropped his latest installment of the Lungie Land series and it’s a doozy.  Peep Deadlung and an all star cast of shredders including Smokin’ Snowboards team riders Kyle Clancy, Lane Knaack, and Will Bateman.   the mixtape. Starring: deadlung, the davester, lucas magoon, lane knaack, casey nelson, zander blackmon, […]

Summer Camp at Woodward Copper is the place to be if you want to hang with Smokin’ Snowboards Team Rider Cody Potter. Checkout Snowboard Mag’s coverage featuring Cody himself.

CodyP woodward

Smokin’ Snowboards team rider Cody Potter is a long time local at Copper Mountain where he is also a coach at Woodward for the Summer camps.  Cody is with out a doubt one of the hardest working rider on the Smokin’ Team.  Catch some laps with Cody P this summer, I hear Copper is still […]