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The new “Mixtape” video

TikutGANG | MIXTAPE – FULL MOVIE from tuna baleon on Vimeo. TikutGANG presents a snowboard movie for snowboarders. Tikut MIXTAPE is our 5th release. Featuring: ROOPE HÖYNÄ | ALEKSI KEMILÄINEN | VILLE VÄISÄNEN | ROOPE KOITOLA | ZAKKE | Supported by: Viherteema Riihivuori Escape #NÄÄMELEXPRESS Join us: Stay tuned at

Hooligan Good Wood Award

Not all skaters are troublemakers, but this Hooligan is. For the third consecutive year, Smokin took home a Good Wood award with their top-contending freestyle offering. The skate-like feel of the zero camber profile with rocker in the nose and tail and ample flex throughout had testers dropping F-bombs all over their reviews, and for […]


Our Philosophy

Mello Magne Traction


Here at Smokin, we build boards that we like to ride.  When there is a technology out there that is the best available, why would you want to ride anything else?  Our pursuit of the perfect snowboard has been a driving force since day one, with a constant progression and a search for the best materials and designs available. 5 years ago the path to snowboard enlightenment got wavy.  Read More 







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