Kyle Clancy

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Age: 33 years old
Lives: Wyoming

I used to go to lots of contest…I forgot which ones. I was in a shitload of videos….good ones I think. Just google me if you give a fuck…haha

Lately I’m into “trying” to get a six pack, going to the skatepark with my daughter Harper and studying for my Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Come visit us in Wyoming, bring your snowmobile and we can scare the shit out of you.

Sponsors: Under Armour, Smith, Bluebird Wax,, Lyke Watches

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  Smokin’ Snowboards Team rider Kyle Clancy took a trip up to Squamish with Dustin Craven to film for the Under Armour crew.  Peep Kyle ripping the 2015 SuperPark in some heavy backcountry terrain, further proving the board’s diversity.  From super sized park features to back country cornice drops and steeps, the SuperPark can handle […]

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  Our good homie DeadLung just dropped his latest installment of the Lungie Land series and it’s a doozy.  Peep Deadlung and an all star cast of shredders including Smokin’ Snowboards team riders Kyle Clancy, Lane Knaack, and Will Bateman.   the mixtape. Starring: deadlung, the davester, lucas magoon, lane knaack, casey nelson, zander blackmon, […]

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In the midst of the MOST EPIC winter ever in Japan this last JANUARY 2014, Kyle Clancy, Lane Knaack, Jake Rose, Will Bateman and Deadlung went to Japan with Smokin’ Jay where they met up with longtime family member and Japanese distributor Taka for a trip of a lifetime. Read below, Transworld Contributing photographer Ben […]

The team gathers for a quick group photo after making it to Japan.

We took an all time epic trip to Japan where we met up with our long time distributor and more importantly straight up family member Taka.   We drug along TWS photo contributor Ben Birk and Matt Mead of Thumprint Media as well as Smokin’ founder Jay Quintin and team riders Lane Knaack, Kyle Clancy, […]

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  On the Hill, brought to you by The Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, brings you a video report showcasing Vail’s ski conditions every day. Join Vail Daily ‘On the Hill’ reporter John LaConte for a cruise down Minnie’s on the fifth day of the Vail ski season.  


    Here it is.. The culmination of a week of irresponsible shredding and caravan livin’ wrapped up into a nice and short, to the point video.  Enjoy the Smokin’ Team’s radical indoor and outdoor artificial snow dome/carpet sliding tour of the Queen’s land.   Jordan Wells, carpet ripping.   Featuring the riding of DeadLung, […]

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    October 2013.  Jay Quintin and Smokin’ Snowboards UK distributor Duncan Craig made a plan to bring a handful of Smokin’ team riders to the United Kingdom for a tour of shops and snow domes. A deal was struck, tickets were bought, and The crew consisting of Deadlung, Kyle Clancy, Jordan Wells, Sakari Lahdesmaki, […]

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  Straight from the dudes own description of his video. “We slept in our cars for a week. The snow was worth it. Thanks to the Caldwell Brothers,Spencer,Pat Lee and Jeremy. Of course Smith Optics was a big help.”   Stoked to see Kyle out there getting it.      

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    Lungie Land Chapter 2 Volume 7 brought to you by  Snowboarder Magazine   Featuring: Russell Winfield, Sam Taxwood, Evan Drage, Jody Wachniak, Jake OE, Lucas Magoon, Deadlung, Lane Knaack, Scott Stevens, Alex Sherman, Matty Mo, Max Weinberger, and Justin Fronius. Filmed at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon during superpark 17. Primarily filmed with iphone with additional […]

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  FIlmed Monday March 5th 2013 in Jackson Hole during a BANGER late winter storm.